Latest 151 + Cute Status Collection 2016

Short cute status

You’re the turning point in my life.
My heart told me it's definitely you!!!
Time can never change my feelings for you.
Every day is a start of something beautiful.
You taught me how to love but not how to stop.
I will always try my best for you sweet heart.
Sometimes your hugs say a lot more than words.
From A to Z all that really matters is I and U.
We loved with a love that was more than love...
All the things that hurt you, actually teach you.
Whenever I search for love, I end up finding you.
I walk a million miles, for one of your smiles.??
Cute Status Collection 2016

Say it's true. There's nothing like me and you ♥
You’re my angel that gives me wings to fly high.
We are so identical. Like two volumes of one book.
The moment I want to be with you, I close my eyes.
Somewhere theres someone who dreams of your smile.
Be what you want to be, not what others want to see.
If you think i look good.. Just IMAGINE how I TASTE.
When you can’t change things in your life, move on.
Words cannot measure the deep feelings I have for you.
Everyone Deserves A Chance To Clean UP Their Mistakes.
Let's flip a coin: 'Head' your mine - 'Tail' Im yours.
Not forget someone, who gave you so much to remember...
The moment I want to be with you, When I close my eyes.
You’re the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep.
All of Gods creations, his best Creation work was you...
I don’t mind waiting for you, because you’re worth it.
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
It’s quite strange How  lovers turn into life partners..

Best cute status

Don't treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.
Believe in small things that matter and that can make big differences.
Someone asked me How is your life? I smiled and replied, She is fine...
To admire the real beauty you don’t need eyes, you need a good heart.
Never regret your choices because even bad experiences teach you a lot.
Stay positive and you’ll see beautiful things happening in your life.
The moment I fell in love with you, I realized the gravity of your love.
I am more concerned about your happiness, because I care about you more.
There's only one thing I want to change about you .... Your Last Name :)
One thing is for sure, Love keeps us going when everything stops moving.
To make you smile for without reason is the only reason make you happy...
Always Be happy that when others look at you they also become happy too!!
I want to today and tomorrow, and next week and for the rest of my life...
You’re like math. You only add love, subtract hate and multiply my hope.
Wouldn't it be the perfect crime it i stole your heart, and you stole mine?
To build a beautiful house, you need to know how to live in it beautifully.
Always Believe in small things that matter_ that can make big differences.!!
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
You know someone means a lot to you when their mood can easily affect yours.
When you truly care about someone, you don’t really care about their flaws.
People will love you more for what you are than being a copy of someone else.
Let's walk together.... Be together..... Stay together and Grow old together.
The Best FEELING Ever : Is when you have someone who cares ONLY about you ♥
People say home is where your heart is, so basically my home is where you are.
An honest relationship can give you more hope than anything else in the world.
I hardly notice anyone, because you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.
Always Stay positive and you will see beautiful things happening in your life.??
There is a lovely person between Y and I on keyboard… Just look the Keyboard..
I am not a warrior, but with you I can battle the toughest challenges in my life.
Love is a feeling of being with someone that completes the incompleteness in you.
When you share your pain it divides, when you share your happiness it multiplies.
Life is a Like party, but without you there is no reason to celebrate.the party...
God is the best listener because He can listen to your silent and sincere prayers.
That's so sweet when couples act like bestfriends and bestfriends act like couples.
It’s quite strange how strangers become lovers and lovers turn into life partners.
I am not famous as a celebrity, but I give a damn about it as I am glad you know me.
I am always there by your side when you make mistakes because I know you’re trying.
Family is the most important thing in the world _who can help us choose right path...
I can't fix all your problems but I can promise you won't have to face them all alone.
If you live life with regrets of yesterday, you will have no today to be thankful for.
Lotus, Tulip, Jasmin, Lilly All flowers are sweet but they have no comparison with YOU.
Some may call it destiny and some may call it meant to be. But I just call it you and me.
Don’t look for a perfect partner; look for someone that makes the relationship perfect.
Everything happens for a reason, if not now you will see the big picture later on in life.
Every small thing in life that makes you happy makes your life bigger than you can imagine.
“Mood swings, insomnia and memory loss are few symptoms that tell me I am in love with you.
When two people share their sorrows together all they get back is satisfaction and happiness.
Great personality will always make you more attractive than someone who only has a great face.
A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left...
The best feeling in the world is knowing your presence and absence both mean something to someone.
You can't have a relationship without any fights but you can make your relationship worth the fight.
Future always disguises as present so start enjoying your present and stop worrying about the future.
The best feeling is hearing someone else's heartbeat and knowing it's beating that way because of you.
Sometimes, the people you think dont want to talk to you are the ones waiting for you to talk to them.
You can make someone angry, but it takes love to make that same person smile after being angry at you.
Don't date the most beautiful girl in the world, date the girl who makes your world the most beautiful.
You’re the coolest person in my life so when you’re around, I make lemonade out of lemons in my life.
We don't fall in love, we grow in love. Everything that falls gets broken and everything that grows get stronger.
Slimphatty The day they lost respect for you was the day that you allowed them to get away with disrespecting you.
Even though you are far away... I think about you every day... And for now I send you hugs and smiles across the miles.
Sincere people, sometimes, may not be in a position to pull you up. But, they always think of ways, not to let you fall..
Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
They ask me what I see in you and I smile, look down and say nothing b'coz I don't want them to fall in love with you too.
The best way to be happy with someone is to learn to be happy alone. that way the company will be a matter of choice and not necessity.
Only when the sun goes down you see the stars. Only when you’re in trouble you’ll find the right people to guide you on the right path.
In a relationship, honesty and trust must exist. If they don't, there's no point of loving. So if you can't afford to be honest, stay single.
I'll admit I never was the perfect one. I was not always there. I didn't make you smile at all times but there is one thing I'll admit I did... I was the best person I could be for you.

Cute status in english

I just had a lovely accident; I just fell in love with you.
Distance and time do not matter when you are in my heart....
The only thing that makes your problems bigger is your fear.
I am single because God is busy Finding the best GF for me...
In love there is no reverse gear, you never know when to stop.
Happiness is what happens when you do what your heart wants to.
Beautiful people make beautiful homes, not interior decorators.
You’re the sunshine and the rainbow when troubles pour on me.
If you Speak the truth you _don’t have to remember anything.??
I never think about future because I already have you with me...
I generally stay busy, but whenever I pause you’re on my mind.
i need you, and you need me, That's the way it's supposed to be..
you are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day...
I can feel you in all your old SMS and emails. How magical it is?
Often while growing up we tend to forget that we are growing old.
Life is a party, but without you there is no reason to celebrate.
You’re the best thing that happened to me and I mean it really.
Distance and time don’t matter anymore when you are in my heart.
You’re the promise of God to me that my future is in good hands.
No storm can wreck the ship of my life because you’re my anchor.
Love is blind and therefore I donot need eyes to see your beauty.??
You are the promise of God to me that my future is in good hands...
You are my angel that gives me the wings to fly high in the cloud..
Love is blind and therefore I don’t need eyes to see your beauty.
Everybody needs someone in life to hold on to. Glad that I have you.
Whenever someone asks me, “How’s life"? I reply: "she’s fine".
Every day I look at the keyboard, and I always see U and I together.
To make you smile for no reason is the only reason to make you happy.
I never really think of future because I already have you by my side.
Forever is a long time, But, I wouldnt mind spending it by your side.
The best music in the world is someone’s heartbeat beating for you.
It takes two imperfect human beings to create a perfect relationship.
Love is when you look into someone's eyes and see everyting you need.
Cute status in Hindi

Cute status in Hindi

Jiski sazaa sirf tum ho,
Mujhe aisa koi gunaah karna hain…..!!
Log kehte hai ki mohabbat ek bar hoti hain,
Lekin me jb jb use dekhu mujhe hr bar hoti h..
Deewane hai tere naam ke,
is baat se inkaar nahi,
kaise kahen hame aapse pyaar nahi.
Kuch to kasoor aapki adaaon ka hai,
ham akele gunagaar nahi.
दीवानगी मे कुछ एसा कर जाएंगे।
महोब्बत की सारी हदे पार कर जाएंगे।
वादा है तुमसे, दिल बनकर तुम धड़कोगे
और सांस बनकर हम आएँगे।।
Sochtey Hai Seekh Le Hum Bhi Berukhi Karna,
Pyaar Nibhatey – Nibhatey Aaj Lagta Hai Humne,
Aapni hi Kadaar Kho-Di….!!
हक़ीक़त ना सही तुम ख़्वाब की तरह मिला करों
भटके हुएँ मुसाफिर को चांदनी रात की तरह मिला करो !
धडकनों को कुछ तो काबू में कर ए दिल
अभी तो पलकें झुकाई है मुस्कुराना अभी बाकी है उनका.
बर्बाद होगा ये गरीब दोनों पहलूँ में
मेरे कच्चे घर पर तुम बरसात की तरह मिला करों !

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